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This is What Expats Working in Australia Like, And Dislike, About This Country


Expatriates find they have a better work-life balance in Australia compared to their home countries, according to a study by foreign exchange fintech World First.

And the survey of 2000 shows 64% of expats reported they earn more money in Australia and 72% said they had the same or less work hours despite Australian’s reputation for working longer days.


  • 30% gave the country a 10/10
  • The best rating features are beaches and nature (9/10), weather (8/10), safety (8/10), working conditions (8/10) and food and culinary scene (8/10).
  • 63% earn more money here.
  • 72% say they work the same or less hours.
  • Slang: The use of profanity in everyday language was the greatest shock. However, expats learn quickly that this does not hold a negative connotation.


  • 67% missed friends and family.
  • 65% say Australia was a more expensive country to live in.
  • Property prices (4/10), rental prices (4/10), the cost of living (5/10) and the state of Australian politics (5/10).
  • The number one thing expats would change about Australia is its remoteness to the rest of the world.
  • Most disliked slang: How ya going? G’day mate. Mate.
  • Not fond of ?ies, spiders stingrays, sharks and snakes.

On politics, the expats named marriage equality as a key topic.

“The emotional challenge of the move was the number one challenge in the moving to Australia, followed very closely by making new friends,” says World First.>

“These emotional challenges were interestingly ranked higher than the more tangible obstacles like ?nding a job or a place to live.”

Here’s the complete topic listing, with 10 being highly favourable, and responses by expats:

Source: World First


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